Live Sound

Established in 1982, we have undertaken tours of North America, Australia and Europe. We specialise in traditional music but enjoy working in many genres.

Recording Studio

We have a small studio located in Duncow, and we also do location recording. Running ProTools HD we can record up to 48 tracks simultaneously

What others say about us

The Living Tradition
“Their art is to make people unaware of any technical issues and their contribution was critical to the event.”

Acoustic Magazine http://www.acousticmagazine.com

“Top notch recording!”

Biggar Sound  http://www.biggarmusic.org.uk

“The whole Sound Sense package was first class. Made for a grief free gig. Well looked after. Your staff are first class.”

Foot Stompin Celtic Music http://www.footstompin.com
“The excitement of the ‘live’ event is fully captured on this CD.”

Maart Allcock – sadly missed –  www.maartinallcock.com

“I’ve been round the world a bit with the likes of Fairport Convention and Jethro Tull, and I’ve had to deal with Soundman du Jour many times and I can safely say that whenever I see Big John Weatherby at the console I know I have nothing to worry about ……..”